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Sealed: An Easter Devotion free printable Bible Study

Join us for our six-part Bible Study series, Sealed: An Easter Devotion, looking at what was sealed and established in Jesus' journey to the cross, through his death and resurrection and into eternity. The study is available to view online, on social media or freely printable for all in multiple sizes. It is available to use for anyone seeking to encounter Christ.

‘Who can read history or contemplate the experience of humanity at this present time, without realising that it needs a Saviour...?’ - Catherine Booth, co-founder of The Salvation Army (Popular Christianity, 1904)

    This six-part devotional was written by Mission Leader Rosy Keane of The Salvation Army Women's Ministries of New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa amid the COVID-19 crisis and lockdowns in 2020. Sealed: An Easter Devotion is a good way to maintain community over Easter when many may not attend church but still be seeking connection.

    We have provided notes pages so you can record your responses to each study, with the hope of sharing reflections with others. Complete as little or as much of each study as is helpful for you. Consider printing the booklet for those who cannot access the internet and let them know your intention to meet together to discuss the study together. This may decrease feelings of isolation and increase our spiritual connection in these trying times.

    You are invited to share your reflections with our online social community on Facebook, and Instagram: @salvationarmy.wm

    Seal in six studies:

    The word ‘seal’ means to establish or secure something definitively. In the same manner, Sealed: An Easter Devotion will explore all that was established and secured through the six themes.

    • Anoint
    • Betray
    • Wrestle
    • Death
    • Resurrect
    • Tell

    Sealed: An Easter Devotion viewing options

    We have multiple options for doing the devotion together:

    • Printing the Sealed: An Easter Devotion booklet: This Bible study is available to download and print as an A5 booklet. This can be given to people (in a contact-free way) who cannot access social media or this website. Print the booklet in colour, double-sided and flip on the short edge. For those who need larger text, print the A4 Single Pages file, colour, double-sided, flip on long edge.
    • View online: View the entire study online below, or download it and read through on your computer. Why not share with a group and Zoom meeting after having read a study to discuss your notes, or call someone as you read?
    • View on social media: Share the album from The Salvation Army Women's Ministries' Facebook Page. You're welcome to read along with us there and share the study with your friends.
    • Printing the Sealed Posters: We also have a file with just the seals which make beautiful graphics and prayer reminders. Why not print them and put them up as a prayer station or on your wall at home?

    Creative writing within the study

    Throughout Sealed: An Easter Devotion, there are creative writing prompts for those who wish to explore the text further. We invite you to try your hand at these and let God surprise you with what comes out. There are also creative poetry and spoken word (performance poetry) pieces throughout the series, written by Salvationist women in our community. Read these and hear the way Holy Spirit breathes life through each of us, ministering in new ways through our voices and God's work.

    Sealed Study Single Pages A4 Poster

    Type: PDF
    Size: 2.64 MB
    Date: 3 Apr 2020

    Sealed Study Booklet

    Type: PDF
    Size: 2.65 MB
    Date: 3 Apr 2020

    Sealed Seals Only Poster

    Type: PDF
    Size: 880.22 KB
    Date: 3 Apr 2020