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The HERalds Podcast: Season 2 Ep. 2 with Bella

Welcome to The HERalds Podcast, where you can hear the stories of wahine toa - mighty women - to spur you on in your mission with Jesus in the everyday.

Proudly produced by The Salvation Army Women's Ministries of New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, each episode of The HERalds Podcast you can join your host Rosy Keane as we explore different challenges, triumphs and innovative leadership that God is writing throughout the mission of our Army and world. Psalm 68:11 says 'The women who proclaim the Good News are a mighty army'. We are those women, and we are that Army.

The HERalds Podcast: Season 2 Ep 2. Friendship, faith, giving up Amoung Us and luckily we have the Bible with Bella.

'I see him as a king. I see him as helping others. I see him as a father. And loving... when I'm with him I am always happy.'

Bella is 'ten turning eleven' on June 30th, and she's a child filled with a love for God, a challenging faith and a faith-filled hope for her friends and her community. Listen to Bella as she explores the kindness of God and her relationship with Jesus and the church. 'When I need help sometimes he's there for me. And there's luckily a Bible, so I read that. And I think that comes in with talking with him as well, after praying with him. And anytime you can pray with him - even if you're sad, happy, too happy - you can talk to him at any time.' Be inspired by the praise and worship that come from the lips of this young girl, embraced by a loving God and a fellowship of believers. Bella is the daughter of our Season 2 Ep. 1 HERalds guest, Diana Best - whose testimony of endurance, tenderness and faith have created a whakapapa of hope in Christ's blood and healing. We are blessed with these wahine toa of the Word!

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