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December 2011 update

Welcome to the New Zealand Fiji Tonga Territorial Women’s Ministries Web Page!
Posted December 14, 2011

Women's Ministries leadershipWelcome to the New Zealand Fiji Tonga Territorial Women’s Ministries Web Page! It has been up and running since November 2011. It is my desire as the Territorial President that this web page be one of the first web resources you turn to for ideas for your programs, inspiration for your week, and a place to catch up on what is happening in Women’s Ministries through out the world.

It is designed to have a new devotional thought each week. Several of our women officers have already contributed to the Inspirations page so you will get a variety of writing and devotional styles. As we get more we may change them more often so keep looking!

We will also have a variety of resources available on the Resource Page. Right now we are featuring the DADS resource because helping men become better Dads helps women be better Moms and blesses our children. (It even helps us “aunties” who have no children be better aunties!) The DADS resource is the work of Major Joanne Jellyman. The Resource page also has the 2009 Women’s Ministries Manual from the Central Division. (Thanks to Major Jenny Carey for that work.) There will be resources from the USA Women’s Ministries, International Resources, and other Territories. We will also republish the 12 'Upon These Stones' Programs showing how the Wellington South Women’s Bible Study Group adapted and used them. 

The Information Page will cover a variety of stories about what is happening or has happened in our ministry with women or our women in ministry. The Blessing Page is a page where we will put other web links for ideas and programs.

The Leadership Page will be added and will feature women leaders from our territory. You will get to see a picture of women officers and soldiers who are working to make a difference for the Kingdom of Heaven and for The Salvation Army. You can read about them and we hope be inspired in your own leadership roles in your family, community and corps. From time to time we will feature mystery or guest leaders so 'stay tuned' and connected.

From Debi, Wynne and Elaine – Keep on Believing!