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Three photos of New Zealand women feature in the Reimagining Photo Exhibition

New Zealand makes her mark in this unique photo landscape of ministry to women.
Posted February 20, 2020

On February 12 2020, The Salvation Army International Women's Ministries marked the launch of their 'Reimagining', asking Salvationist women around the world to picture different ways of ministering the 21st Century.

Alongside the launch, a 'Reimagining' photographic exhibition in London showcased 41 photos from 23 different countries, and New Zealand women featured in three of them!

In 2019, Salvationists around the world were invited to submit photos of women in our movement ministering in all their capacities. 'Out of almost 130 photos, the final exhibition features 41 entries – plus a handful of images previously featured in IHQ publications and as part of The Whole World Mobilising exhibition – that demonstrate the breadth of Salvation Army ministry to women', writes Kevin Sims of International Headquarters' Communications.

The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory is proud of the ministry to women that our people undertake all throughout our four countries. The three photos featured in the Reimagining exhibition capture part of the mahi (work) and wairua (spirit) that our women are already undertaking, wherever they are finding community.

View the full International Women's Ministries' Reimagining photo album here.

Photographer: Ingrid Goodwin Barratt (runner-up)

Subject: Captain Faye Molen​ and a local woman sharing a hongi

(View the photo here) 

New Zealand Salvationist Ingrid Goodwin Barratt won runner-up at the exhibition, with her photo of Captain Faye Molen sharing a hongi (spiritual and physical sharing of wairua/spirit as breath of life) with a local woman at a mass grave for Māori dated back to the New Zealand Land Wars.

'Captain Molen described the moment that was captured as 'significant and personal', adding: 'My first husband has ties to this whenua [land] and is buried on Taupiri Maunga – the mountain of the Māori kings and queen.' She was there with her youngest daughter and said: 'Standing on the whenua where many of her whanaunga [ancestors/relatives] were slain and laid in an unmarked mass grave had a deep impact on me.''

Ingrid is an award-winning writer and was the previous editor of The Salvation Army War Cry Magazine New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga & Samoa. Captain Faye serves as a corps planting officer in Manurewa Corps Plant, New Zealand. 

Photographer: Major Shar Davis

Subject: Captain Missy Ditchburn preaching in a 'Woopie Cushion'

(view the photo here) 

Major Shar Davis's photo of Captain Missy Ditchburn preaching in an unusual get-up was an eye-catching addition to the display at Gallery 101! Captain Missy is known for her forceful and compelling preaching, and was one of the key speakers at our Territorial Creative Arts Camp this year. Selected works by Major Shar have been used in publications around the world. 

Major Shar is the Divisional Secretary for Mission in The Salvation Army Northern Division. Captain Missy is the Divisional Children's Secretary in The Salvation Army Midland Division, and is the International Social Justice Commission pro-tem.

Photographer: Adele Masters (The Salvation Army Australia)

Subject: Soldier Rosy Keane preaching about fighting with the love of Jesus.

(view the photo here) 

Adele Masters is a young Salvationist from The Salvation Army Australia and is often the driving force behind many events held there. Using her skills to capture moments as well as create them, Adele's photo is from Australia's 2019 She (Spiritually Healthy Experience) Weekend Sydney where Rosy Keane (NZFTS Territory) was the guest speaker. Rosy was preaching about living vulnerably, loving well and fighting as one with the power of Jesus Christ, an extension of her ministry to women.

Adele Masters is the Mission Events Coordinator for NSW/ACT, SA/NT in The Salvation Army Australia Territory. Rosy Keane is the Territorial Women's Ministries Resource and community creator for The Salvation New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory.

Which of these photos captured the reimagining of ministry to women for you? Head over to our Facebook Page and let us know which of the photos connected with you from the album! #ReImagining #ImIn