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World Day of Prayer 2019: Come–Everything is Ready!

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Posted February 8, 2019

On the first Friday of March every year, a wave of prayer sweeps the world–entirely spearheaded by women. All are invited to come. Will you be taking part in '2019's World Day of Prayer: Come–Everything is Ready!'?

​The annual World Day of Prayer (WDOP) is a storied and beautiful event. Each year a different country chooses a theme and program, inspired by the motto 'Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action'.

World Day of Prayer 2019: Come–Everything is Ready!'?

This year's country is Slovenia, with the theme 'Come–Everything is Ready!' based on Psalm 34:8: 'Taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.' 

The program centers around hospitality and God's consistent invitation to a banquet of grace and love. For churches that have signed up, packs are provided complete with liturgy, posters, accompanying sheet music and children's worksheets. You are invited to take the parts that are relevant to your context, and get creative with the rest!

'​At the core of the theme for WDP 2019, an invitation – Come. And to enable the response – Everything is ready. Come to praise, thank, and proclaim the kingdom of love.' - World Day of Prayer 2019

The Salvation Army's involvement with World Day of Prayer

The Salvation Army joins with World Day of Prayer organisers around the globe every year, hosting their own service or combining with other churches. We are so proud to be part of this prayerful movement championed by women, where all people are invited to attend. We encourage anyone who participates to create Facebook Group events to give their local community the chance to come along!

Use times for discussion, corporate prayer and story to help people to connect with the material. If you are gathering a group who meet regularly, think about ways to take action after the event is over and continue to pray for the people of Slovenia.

Significance of the WDOP artwork

'Partly under the table, one can see children from the margins of society. They have heard the invitation to the feast.

A woman who is homeless carries a child in her arms;

a woman who is blind, with arms in front, already prepares to take a step;

a person who is deaf responds by changing the position of his head;

with her involuntary movements, a girl with spastic cerebral palsy shows her joyous acceptance of the invitation to the banquet.' - Rezka Arnuš on her WDOP artwork

Rezka Arnuš is the artist behind the World Day of Prayer artwork, and the style captures traditional aspects of Slovenian life and nationality. The WDOP booklet says the spirit of her work and the liturgy are in reminding us 'we are giving voice to the experiences and concerns of real women.'

Resources for World Day of Prayer

Haven't got a pack? The World Day of Prayer website has valuable resources and insight for those would like to participate where they are.

Want to share your day? We would love to see what you you end up doing! Share what you are doing in the comment section of our 'What are you doing for World Day of Prayer 2019?' image on our Salvation Army Women's Ministries Facebook page!

WM's Free Printable World Day of Prayer Scripture Cards: These free printable cards have the World Day of Prayer 2019 scripture on them. Print on a heavier card to make them last longer - there are four A6 cards per a4 page.

Will you join us to pray? 

Wherever you are, will you join us at your desk or home or car or workplace to pray with us for Slovenia on Friday March 1st? We can't wait to see and hear all that God does as we respond to the invitation to come, and as we prepare everything to be ready for those who join in our worship and prayer.

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