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PALentines Day

It's that time of year. February 14th. Where Valentine's day announces itself in all of its ridiculous pomp.

From inappropriate cards to fluffy bunnies that no one knows what to do with to red foil chocolates that never taste quite right - Valentine's Day can be for some - let's say... quite a slog.

But instead of reinforcing stereotypes or having yet another day where we seem to be set on labelling relationships just as militantly as Facebook statuses require - let's take our hats off to something else.


Pals who have your back when you are cranky and ill informed, and have to say sorry later on.

Pals who don't judge you for ignoring the 10 second 'rule' with food, and eating things straight off the floor.

Pals who tell you that you're fabulous, you're fly and yes you DO deserve a life that has happiness and joy just oozing out the edges like cream out of a smooshed pie!

Pals who laugh with you, cry with you and don't mind when your laundry is all over the floor or your hair is unwashed.

Pals you don't know that well but would love to.

We announce February 14th to be officially... PAL-ENTINES DAY! Hereforth, and forever more.

To celebrate this newfound independent celebration, our young WM pal and fellow Salvationist (not to mention artist-extraordinaire!) Crystal made up these FANTASTIC Pal-entines day cards! These are completely free for you to download and distribute willy-nilly to anyone and everyone who has been a good pal to you over the years.

Here are the cards for you to download completely free!

Give them to a pal who has stuck by you. Give them to a pal who has your back. Give them to a pal you haven't talked to in a while.

And for every pal-entine you give out to someone you love - would you consider giving one to someone you don't know so well, and write a message of encouragement on it?

To that person you haven't talked to at work, but looks like they could do with a pal?

To that person who is always a little awkward in conversation or hasn't made a friend at your group or church? You know the one.

Now is the time to be pals - and we will be praying that this Pal-entines, there are so many new friendships that are struck up that those who have Val-entines day cards will even feel a little limited by their one-on-oneness! We want to share the love.

Because despite what Facebook says, relationships: not that complicated.

Let's just love people.

Happy Pal-entines Day.

Like the art? Check out more of Crystal's work on her Facebook page - she does beautiful typography, commissions and is a wonderful friend. We love her well! If you liked any of the drawings, pop on over to her site and compliment her!