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Mothers' Day 2023

All the resources you need for Mothers' Day, based on 'The God Who Sees Me'.

The Hagar Mothers' Day Series

Every person in this world is touched by motherhood. The ability to give life is a sacred part of being a woman that we celebrate as vital, important and valued. Motherhood is a unique way in which we hold the spark of of our creator God within us, as we bring forth new life. 

The inspiration for this year's Mothers' Day is a mother called Hagar. She was abused, and made to have a baby with her owner Abraham. Emotionally and physically mistreated, she finally escaped, but was left to wander the desert homeless and pregnant. But in the desert, God met her. Hagar became the first and only person in the Bible to name God, and she called him, 'The God who sees me' (Genesis 16:13).

This following has been written as a liturgical prayer, where a leader reads the text, and the congregation can join in the refrain (in bold):  'God sees you.'

A prayer for Mothers' Day

We celebrate our mothers today. You have gone through long nights and loud laughter. You have provided quiet comfort and joyful nurture. In the calm and in the chaos,

God sees you.

We grieve with mothers today. If you have lost children through miscarriage, death or broken relationships, 

God sees you.

We stand alongside women today who long to be mothers. When your prayers have not yet been answered, 

God sees you.

We mourn with the children of mothers today. If you didn't have the mum you needed, when the trauma, abuse and neglect comes flooding back,

God sees you.

We take comfort in the words of scripture that describe God as a loving mother who protects, cares for and nurtures her children. 

May you be comforted, cared for and celebrated by the mother heart of God today.

God sees you.

Download the 'Hagar Mothers' Day Series' below ...

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Watch our 'Prayer for Mothers' as a video.
This can simply be viewed, or could be led as a liturgical prayer - with a leader reading, and the congregation joining in on the refrain 'God sees you'.
This is also available as a PDF, which can be printed or used as digital slides.

A prayer for Mothers' Day - Liturgical prayer (printable PDF or digital slides)

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Hagar Series printable bookmarks

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Hagar Series Handout

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Printable 'Thank You' Gift tags

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