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Reimagining ministry to women through Women's Ministries

The International Women's Ministries Reimagining launch of February 2020 challenged Salvationists around the world to consider what could be done for and alongside women and girls in their own countries and communities. Check out The Salvation Army Women's Ministries New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa's visions of what this looks like for us going forward.

Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, World President of Women's Ministries shared her 'holy urging' to reimagine The Salvation Army Women's Ministries, to win the souls of women for Jesus around the world. 

The International Women's Ministries 'Reimagining' launch livestreamed on Wednesday February 12th 2020, 10.30pm NZDT (9.30am GMT) via and
Read about the Reimagining livestream launch and Reimagining of Women's Ministries Press Coverage here.

God is doing a new thing for women through Women's Ministries

Commissioner Rosalie says, 'Our focus is to win women for Jesus. That’s what our main goal is. That’s what I’m saying, the sky is the limit. Know your country, know your context, know your community, see what the need is and go out and do something that will make a difference in women’s lives.' Rosalie is also concerned for future-proofing for the next generation of girls and women, saying 'I am really concerned that we put our heads around how The Salvation Army can come alongside our young girls, so that they know they are loved, respected, proud of who they are and what God is calling them to be.'

Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham, World Secretary of The Salvation Army Women's Ministries agrees, saying ‘It’s the beginning of what can be around the world. I sense in you as our leader, this call for us all to be engaged, to think about what our part is in it, to think creatively, to think outside the box, to celebrate what is already happening… to know because of this unlimited, unimaginable God that there is so much more we can to do be more effective in winning women for Jesus around the world.'

'In Isaiah 43:19 God says ‘See I am doing a new thing’. And God is doing a new thing. The challenge will be for us to see this new thing, God has to open our eyes, all of us involved in Women’s Ministries. And then we need to be engaged, we need to be part of it, part of what God is calling us to do. I’m very excited about this reimagining of Women’s Ministries and I really think that there’s going to be some great things that we are going to see in the days that are ahead. And I encourage everybody to join us, and to be ‘in’ doing this.'

The holy urge to reimagine Women’s Ministries

'I have a call to a reimagining of the International Women’s Ministries around the world.’

'There’s this holy urging for me to do something... the time is right. Women’s Ministries continues to grow from strength to strength, it is a powerful force within our Salvation Army. But I want to future-proof it for the 21st century. We celebrate Women’s Ministries – it’s strong and great things are happening. But I think, 'Oh what we could do if we could only imagine what God could do through us as we look at the needs of women around the world!' I have a call to a reimagining of the International Women’s Ministries around the world.'

The reimagining vision statement

'The Salvation Army International Women's Ministries envision women who are:

Transformed and empowered by the gospel to lead a Christlike life
Enriched mutually through local and global connections and support
Equipped to fulfil their potential through lifelong learning and development
Engaged in social justice and action to positively impact the world'

Ministry to women, women’s ministries, is not a new activity. I firmly believe that back 135 years ago when Florence Booth started the Women’s Social Work, there must have been a great imagining going on in her heart and her head about what The Salvation Army could do in that time. Home League started in 1907, I believe they had this great imagination of what they could for the women of that time. Here we are, 154 years, as we celebrate The Salvation Army and it’s time for us to reimagine what could happen through our Women’s Ministries throughout the world.

It’s not a new program. I look at this as an invitation and a challenge. I’m appealing to the women leaders to reimagine Women’s Ministries within their territories, commands and regions: In the culture of today, what is it that is not working, that they think they have to do? What if you could do something new, innovative, creative? 

Resources to align with the wider movement

We have an International Salvation Army mission statement and it’s time for us to align ourselves to this mission statement, and create this Women’s Ministries vision statement. The [International Salvation Army] mission statement is our identity. Our vision statement encompasses our Women’s Ministry objectives moving forward. The activity is inspired by our identity.

Here are key ways Commissioner Rosalie indicated WM will be updating, so we can reimagine ministering to women in our contexts:

  • International WM Bible study: IHQ will provide women's Bible Studies, that will be relatable in their resourcing for Christian women and Salvationists. 'The Bible Studies will follow the themes that the General has set out in his call to mission. The new series will have 24 bible studies written by women from all around the world'.
  • The Salvation Army International Women's Ministries' Logo: A new logo will be unveiled, one that reflects the 'expansive and multifaceted... essence and purpose of the women’s ministry internationally.'
  • International WM Social Media: Women's Ministries will develop and maintain a vibrant presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to engage with the women of The Salvation Army.

International Vision Statement Poster

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International Vision Statement Social Media

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