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#PerSister Card Packs

Our #PerSister cards became a viral campaign, getting the words of women into the hands of our communities everywhere. Print your pack below!

The words of women are important. The #PerSister series sprang from the desire for a resource that got quotes by women or about women into the mainstream.

We began by asking our Salvation Army WM Facebook community to tell us their favorite quotes by women or about women, and have made them freely downloadable! These have been used all over the world. The #PerSister Cards continue to inspire all of us, as we think about how strong the move of the Holy Spirit is amongst our sisters' voices.

They are printable either A6 or A4. The #PerSister cards are completely free to use how you like: send them to friends, use them in groups or even just pin them all over your own wall at the office or home!

Share with us: We would love to see how you share these! Head on over to our Salvation Army Women's Ministries Page, join the community and post what you get up to!

Printing A6 #PerSister Cards: Print these double-sided on paper or card, in full colour and trim them to size.

#PerSister A4

Type: PDF
Size: 46.8 KB
Date: 13 May 2019

#PerSister A6

Type: PDF
Size: 335.2 KB
Date: 13 May 2019