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She Embodies: honouring the women in our lives

Join our #SheEmbodies movement - focusing on women and their impact in our everyday lives. If you've got paper, pen and a camera, you're ready to roll!

The #SheEmbodies initiative was begun by Women's Ministries of The Salvation Army, New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa and is simple. We want to get people thinking in a different way about the women who make up our world and who are significant to us. We ask people to write what a woman in their life 'embodies' - lives out in the fullest, and we want to share this message of womens' mana (strength) around the world!

How to participate in #SheEmbodies

What does she embody? Is it strength? Grace? Intellection? Is it her fierceness, her softness, her speed? Is it the way she leads, preaches, considers others, never gives up, or is wonderful at organising or praying? Think about not just what she 'does' but what she is.

  • Print out the template at the bottom of the page
  • Laminate it and use a whiteboard pen, or print one for each person
  • Write what a significant woman/women lives out in their everyday
  • Snap a pic and share with the hashtag #SheEmbodies

Where could I do #SheEmbodies?

There are so many occasions to celebrate women, not just International Women's Day or Mother's Day (although they are great to do it too!). Everyone is welcome to participate in the #SheEmbodies movement!

If you're part of a group, Corps, center or program, we want you to join in too! Make sure to direct everyone you take photos of to your Facebook page, use the hashtag #SheEmbodies and get them excited for the service you offer or the worship meeting on a Sunday. You could roll the photos as part of the service, or even take some space in the Sunday meeting to write on the cards as part of the response time.

Public spaces: Why not print out a bunch of copies of the #SheEmbodies templates or laminate a few sheets and set up on a busy street in your city? Consider involving many different people from your setting to create a ministry setting.

Helpfult tips for engaging:

Consider wearing hi-vis Salvation Army gear/uniform: When we wear clothing with red shields, people feel more comfortable stopping to talk. Think of an opening, like 'Hey, we're from The Salvation Army and want to honour women - will you join us in writing something about a woman you value in your life?'.

Talk about why you believe honouring women is important: Spend some time thinking about this by yourself or with your team prior. When you meet someone who wants to do #SheEmbodies, help them by asking prompting questions. What was your mother or significant other woman like? What defined her as a person? How has that brought life to you?

Ask their permission before taking a photo: Tell them to find the #SheEmbodies on your Salvation Army Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. This is an awesome opportunity for them to safely and comfortably cruise your site to see if your community is worth sticking around for!

Pray: It is an honour to follow Christ into wherever he leads, and God wants to bring serious freedom for women - Christian or not Christian. So ask for guidance, Holy Spirit encounters and to have the heart of Jesus wherever you encounter people.

Share the #SheEmbodies message!

Head on over to The Salvation Army Women's Ministries Facebook Page to view our album of #SheEmbodies pictures so far! We would love to add yours to the group, so message the page with the link to your album to join the movement. Wherever you are, seek to notice and appreciate all the significant ways that women add value to every part of the community. Thank God for the women and thank God for relationship. Bless you each and share your stories with one another as you particpate in #SheEmbodies.


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