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Thrive Tonga 2022

Women around the Territory are gathering together to raise money for Salvation Army kindergartens in Tonga devastated by the January disaster.
Thrive Tonga 2022 Fundraising for Salvation Army Kindergartens in Tonga

We joining together throughout the Territory with the goal of raising $10,000 together for 'Thrive Tonga!

This will raise money to restore and upgrade Salvation Army kindergartens devastated by the eruption and tsunami that ripped through on 15 January 2022.

It will also help further develop the ground-breaking work of The Salvation Army in Tonga: ‘Preschool education is still relatively undervalued and under-acknowledged in Tonga,’ explains Captain Catherine Walker, director of Women’s Ministries in Tonga. ‘But there is a growing appreciation of the importance of those early years in the development of a child. We provide learning and developmental opportunities for children, which have been acknowledged as beneficial in setting children up for success academically and in life.’

With 3 established kindergartens, The Salvation Army has been at the forefront of preschool education for many years in Tonga. Last year, Queen Nanasipau’u approached the Army to establish the newest kindergarten in Pea, as part of an initiative that would place the kindy at the heart of a community hub and health centre.

‘The Queen has placed her trust in us to provide a safe, stimulating learning environment that is both bi-lingual and holistic. Our programme has a strong Christian emphasis and we’re continually seeking new ways to improve our programme and give our teachers professional development,’ says Catherine.

The kindergarten worst hit by the tsunami was part of the Nuku’alofa Corps compound, which was inundated with seawater. The kindy lost resources, and there has been extensive damage to the outdoor play area and equipment.

The Kolovai kindy was saved from the worst of the tsumani damage, but the surrounding area in north-west Tongatapu has been especially devastated.

‘Everyone has experienced the trauma of the eruption and tsunami. The Army’s “usual” operations have taken on a whole new look ...'

The newest kindy in Pea is the first preschool in the large community. ‘The space we will operate from belongs to the Royal family for the use of the Pea community, and we have outfitted and resourced this with the basics to get the Kindy started,’ says Catherine.

No one has been able to escape the effects of the disaster, says Catherine. ‘Everyone has experienced the trauma of the eruption and tsunami. The Army’s “usual” operations have taken on a whole new look as we’ve had to clean-up, help with the distribution of aid and provide pastoral support.'

‘Thrive Tonga’ will build on the fundraising efforts of women in the Midland Division in 2020, who raised money to upgrade Kolovai Kindergarten. ‘It has made a world of difference to the experience for our children and teachers,’ reflects Catherine. ‘Now, with “Thrive Tonga” we have an opportunity for creativity and discovery. We continue to be available to people after the tsunami, and will continue to help children in Tonga thrive through all these circumstances.’

How can I give to Thrive Tonga?

You can make a donation through your local corps or centre - so just talk to your local corps officer about this.

Watch this space, and we'll keep you up-to-date on all our latest fundraising initiatives.

How can I get involved with ‘Thrive Tonga’?

This is such hopeful project, and the fundraising opportunities are only limited by our imagination. We would love to hear your fundraising ideas, so we can share it and inspire each other!

Meanwhile, here’s just a few ideas inspired by the colour and imagination of kindy kids:

  • Hold a paint party: get a group together and learn how to create a simple artwork, led by a local artist.
  • Create calendars to sell, made from artwork by kids in your corps or community.
  • Have a corps carnival, similar to a school fair, with games and bake sales.
  • Have a good old fashioned sausage sizzle.
  • Sell hand-knitted kids’ beanies for winter.
  • Hold a family movie night: get families together and singalong to ‘Encanto’ or another family-friendly film.
  • Have a book and toy sale: What better way to clean out the kids’ closest and make money for Tongan kids at the same time?!
  • Hold an art auction.
  • Hold a games night, with activities for the kids and board games for the adults.

Resources for all your events

We would love you to start spreading the word, and below you'll find everything you need to advertise Thrive Tonga, as well as printables to help you with your events: 

  • Thrive Tonga Growth Chart - an oversized chart to help you keep track of your fundraising and celebrate your successes!
  • Thrive Tonga A3 Printable Poster
  • Tonga email footer - just download and paste into your email signature
  • images for social media posts and stories
  • Powerpoint slide for your church service or event
  • printable bookmarks
  • printable labels
  • printable and editable Thrive Tonga invite for your event.

Thank you for joining the Thrive Tonga team

Faitapuekina koe ‘e he Eiki

God bless you!


Thrive Tonga Oversized Growth Chart

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Thrive Tonga A3 Poster

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Powerpoint slide for presentations and services

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Printable Thrive Tonga bookmarks

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Thrive Tonga printable gift labels

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Printable and editable invite for your Thrive Tonga event

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