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BMAC Women's Camp is Back - 22-25 March 2024

This is the ONLY women's camp at BMAC this year, so don't miss it!
Posted February 15, 2024

BMAC Women’s Camp is an amazing experience that builds self-esteem, confidence, faith and creates deep connection with other women. Many women, who would never have had this chance, have been able to go to camp thanks to the generosity of their corps - and it has been a life-changing experience. Why not do some fundraising in your local area and give your women an adventure of a lifetime?


Tina (50), from Levin, came to camp at the invitation of her corps officer. Although Tina describes herself as ‘confident and capable’, she says that as a bigger woman, she had hidden within herself for years. Tina's first challenge was abseiling: ‘I had the encouragement of my daughters Ruby and Anja who came with me, and that made the difference. I realised I’d never shown my kids that their mother had a body that moves. So, I followed instructions – and I did it!’

Tina doesn’t think she could have found the courage to tackle her fears outside the camp’s all-women environment. ‘Hearing the pride in the voice of one of my dear friends, and the genuine love and compassion in other people’s voices because they were proud of me – especially my girls – the shame just dropped off me. I thought, “It doesn’t matter what size you are,Tina, you are learning to love yourself!”’


WHEN: 22-25 March 2024

WHO: Women 18-80+ years old

WHAT: Two full and two half days activities, fully catered, three nights’ accommodation, specialist gear and evening programmes. Connect with each other through a range of outdoor activities designed to get you working together and building lasting memories!

COST: Price $250. 2 Full days of activities, 2 Half Days plus evening programmes, fully catered, qualified instructors and specialist gear.

ACTIVITIES: May include: white water rafting, caving, high ropes, gorging, kayaking, mountaineering, rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing, tramping, swimming, campfire nights and more!

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