Ep 11: From Street Kid to Community Leader | Women

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Ep 11: From Street Kid to Community Leader

With Terena Goodwin

In this new podcast episode, Terena Goodwin shares her beautiful and difficult story of growing up on the streets of South Auckland. She speaks honestly about being a 'street kid', the trauma of foster care and the abuse she suffered during her childhood - all of which accumulated in an attempt at suicide. But Terena heard the voice audible voice of God telling her that she still had more to do. That's when she embraced her Salvation Army village and turned her life around. Today, she is creating community with other wāhine who have walked similar paths to her: she runs a weekly group called Kaha Wāhine Kotahitanga (Strong Women in Unity) which provides a safe space for women to talk, and her garage is full of free clothes for women who need it. Today, Terena is living life to the full and is a true wahine toa in her community.