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Our Women are Ready to Lead!

A prayer for women leaders - ahead of the election of The Salvation Army general 2023

As The Salvation Army, we’re proud that our women preach.

Our women lead

 We’re passionate!

We have the expertise

We have the experience

We are equal partners in the mission of The Salvation Army.


But we need equal opportunities.


Out of 21 generals in our history, only 3 have been women.

On the 18th of May this year, leaders from every territory in The Salvation Army will gather together to elect our new general.

Let’s pray for them ...


Lord, give them the eyes to see the quality and tenacity of female leadership.

Give our women courage to stand up and take on the task, knowing their strength is in you.

May the process be equitable and fair, as we trust you for the next general.

Give us the courage to disturb the present and create a better future.

Because our women lead.

Our women preach.

We’re passionate!



Watch Salvation Army young people stand up and pray for women's leadership! If you believe in the message, share it and join with us as a praying Army. Only 3 out to 21 Salvation Army generals have been women, yet our women are experienced, equipped and passionate - we're ready!