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Commissioner Silvia Cox

Introducing the new World President for Women's Ministries.
Commissioner Silvia Cox, World President of Women's Ministries
Posted April 4, 2013

From a very young age Commissioner Silvia Cox (née Volet) has been aware of God’s presence and leading in her life.

Born in 1955 whilst her Swiss officer parents were stationed in Argentina, she was not yet seven years old when she gave her heart to the Lord and still quite young when she became aware of God’s call on her life to become a Salvation Army officer and that this would involve her serving in Africa.

Following her marriage to André Cox, they entered the International Training College, London, England and were commissioned in 1979 returning to serve in corps appointments in Switzerland.  From there, with three small daughters, Myriam-Christine, Esther-Ruth and Sarah-Priscille, they were appointed to Zimbabwe and for the next ten years served in a variety of territorial headquarters appointments. Whilst in Harare Captain Silvia spent a short time as the Superintendent of the Braeside Social Home.

Returning to the Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory, Major Silvia Cox spent eight years in the Mission Development Department where she became increasingly aware of the Salvation Army’s desire to reach across the world to resource, support and empower struggling and often poor communities.  Community projects including feeding programmes, literacy classes, water and sanitation requirements were often Home League based and as such involved an ongoing partnership of women across the globe. A passion for women’s ministries took hold in the heart of Silvia Cox.  

Subsequent territorial leadership and specific responsibility as Territorial President of Women’s Ministries in Finland and Estonia; Southern Africa and the United Kingdom with the Republic of Ireland have deepened Commissioner Silvia’s belief that,
‘As women of God we have a vital and definitive part to play in the Army. My hope is that we will unite as a force of change for better in the world and in the communities where God has placed us.’

Along with her husband, Commissioner Silvia has a strong sense of family.  They are very proud of their daughters with their respective husbands and also their grand daughters, Rebecca and Lily.