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#PerSister Card Packs

PerSister, we are for you! Check out our #PerSister free to download packs - a 24 card, crowdsourced collection of quotes about or by mana wahine - strong women!

Women's voices are important. Women's words change realities. We asked our Salvation Army Women's Ministries Facebook community to give us your favorite quotes - and we responded by making this #PerSister card serie to encourage sharing the words of life that women bring.

Our first ever packs were sent out to people who shared the post on our Facebook Page. We now have the whole pack for sale for $8.50 through Women's Ministries (including postage) or print at home free below!

Purchasing a #PerSister Card Pack

If you would love a 24 card #PerSister pack, printed beautifully on heavy card sent to you, it is $8.50 for the pack, courier and tracking included. Combined shipping available on multiple quantities.

Private message our Salvation Army Women's Ministries Page to arrange details or email our #PerSister whizz to get some!

Print your own #PerSister Cards

This is what you've been asking for!  We have available the complete set of #PerSister cards! There are a few options for printing, depending on your requirements - postcard, greeting card and A4 quotes.

These are completely free to use how you like - but we would LOVE to see your pictures of you using them! Join our Facebook community and use the #PerSister tag when you share your pictures with us or on your own Facebook wall or Instagram, so we can all share the community vibe together, as we persist!

Send them to friends, use them in groups or even just pin them all over your own wall at the office or home!

#PerSister A4 Quote Cards:

 Download the #PerSister A4 Quote Cards (24), to put up as posters and everywhere you like!

#PerSister Postcards: 

The full 24 cards are available to print - 12 landscape, 12 portrait. The postcard option makes four A6 sized postcards per one A4.

If you are printing double-sided, make sure the paper/card is the appropriate weight. If you have heavier card that can't be double sided, you will need to print half the batch single sided, turn that batch over and then print the rest of the batch, on the back of the first half you printed.

Download this Landscape #PerSister file (12 cards)

Print these double sided, flip on the short edge. Trim in the middle of the white lines. Thicker paper/card in the bypass tray will yield best results.

Download this Portrait #PerSister file (12 cards)

Print these double sided, flip on the long edge. Trim in the middle of the white lines. Thicker paper/card in the bypass tray will yield best results.

#PerSister Traditional Cards:

To make traditional greeting cards out of the #PerSister pack, simply download the above files and print the cards singe-sided, and trim.

The Salvation Army Australia Women's Ministries #PerSister Cards

Download this Australian Portrait #PerSister file (12 cards)

Download this Australian Landscape #PerSister file (12 cards)

Women, we heard you! We have provided the entire pack for you, with The Salvation Army Australia Women's Ministries specially on it! Just download these files and follow the instructions above for either postcards or traditional cards!

Arohanui from The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Women's Ministries team. Rock on, #PerSisters.