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The HERalds Podcast Special: LIVE at Congress 2019

HERalds Podcast

Welcome to The HERalds Podcast, where you can hear the stories of wahine toa - mighty women - to spur you on in your mission with Jesus in the everyday.

Proudly produced by The Salvation Army Women's Ministries of New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa, each episode of The HERalds Podcast you can join your host Rosy Keane as we explore different challenges, triumphs and innovative leadership that God is writing throughout the mission of our Army and world. Psalm 68:11 says 'The women who proclaim the Good News are a mighty army'. We are those women, and we are that Army.

The HERalds Podcast: LIVE at Congress 2019

Our special episode of The HERalds Podcast was recorded live at The Salvation Army's Encounter Congress 2019. Check it out to hear how Holy Spirit is at work through the women of The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory. We had four women on our panel - and each is a formidable, evocative leader who serves Jesus and others in a way that is transforming their communities to the glory of God. Have a listen to their stories. From taking in homeless children to transforming women's opportunities on a world scale, this pod aims to uncover the hope that God is weaving through the history, heritage and future of those who labour in Jesus' name for The Salvation Army's sake.

  • Captain Faye Molen | Te Ope Whakaora | The Salvation Army New Zealand
  • Soldier Kara Waqetia | Fiji Division The Salvation Army
  • Commissioner Rosalie Peddle | World President of Women's Ministries of The Salvation Army International
  • Soldier Dr. Anita Latai-Niusulu | Autau o le Faaolataga | The Salvation Army Samoa
  • Soldier Rosy Keane | Salvation Army Women's Ministries
  • With huge thanks to our producer Jessica Keane from Creative Ministries Department

The HERalds Podcast is produced by The Salvation Army Women's Ministries and was born out of a desire to hear the voice of God through the lives of the women of our movement. Let us know what inspired you in this ep, over on our Discussion Post on FB!

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