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Family Time Podcast: Invite children into the 'extraordinary spectacular'

Posted December 11, 2019

The Salvation Army Children's Ministries has just launched their new podcast series 'Family Time'. We catch up with Family Time's creator Hannah Medland, the Children's Ministries Mission Director for The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa territory.

Each Family Time episode is around ten minutes each and centres around Christmas, with special guests, games and activities that children and families can experience together. Listen to The Salvation Army Children's Ministries' Family Time podcast here.

Hannah Medland is a young Salvationist from The Salvation Army Miramar Corps and she's the heart behind the newly launched Family Time podcast. Her ministry is helping children encounter God and develop their spiritual faith within their families. This year, she was awarded ‘Children’s Worker of the Year’. The podcast is a natural extension of her desire to see children seeing Jesus.

Family Time podcast is a tool for parents and conversations

'I listen to podcasts with the kids I foster as we are sitting in car, and listening to them takes us to another world. I realised this was a great platform to bring families together' says Hannah. She says discussions start about shooting stars and 'why waves come in and out' - conversations that spring from what they have been listening to. These conversations are what shape young minds as they wrestle with ideas of the world, themselves and God.

'The Family Time podcast is a tool for families, to get those conversations started', says Hannah. Hannah's work has taken her into Christian and educational sectors, where she says 'parents are the primary disciplers' of their children. She hopes that these interactive episodes will help open up spaces for parents and caregivers to spend time exploring their children's faith with them.

Finding the 'extraordinary, spectacular' in a Family Time Christmas

'We can take people into that place of extraordinary spectacular in what they're thinking about.'

The three Family Time episodes are focused on different aspects of Christmas. Hannah tells us the idea came when her eight-year-old friend Oscar wondered aloud what Advent was. 'I replied that advent is about getting ready... it's about an arrival, about baby Jesus coming'. It was in these conversations that she realised a podcast would be the platform to communicate the good news about Christmas to families and children, while engaging them in family play.

Travelling in the car, sitting at home together or making space before sleeping are all great times to create space to wonder in the lead-up to Christmas. 'Christmas is a magical and fun, special time. I heard a song that said 'Who would have dreamed we would have held God in our arms?' It's extraordinary, spectacular! We can take people into that place of extraordinary spectacular in what they're thinking about.'

    A time to slow down and wonder together

    Hannah reflects that Christmas can also be a time of hectic action. 'At this time of year, people are hurrying, in malls, in cars... but they might just miss the greatest gift of all.' In the podcast episodes, she invites families and children to listen, wonder, play and interact with one another. There are special guests in each episode like Colonel Suzanne Fincham (Territorial Chief Secretary), and musical performances by Hannah's sister Summer and The Salvation Army Creative Ministries' Kris Singh.

    Hannah's podcast and guests all reflect that, no matter your age, this Christmas season is about 'my heart preparing room for him.' 'We don't want families to miss those traditions, those conversations, or to miss Christ.'

    We hope you enjoy this Christmas gift and find room to wonder and encounter Jesus with children in your life this season.

    Family Time Episode Guide

    • (Ep. 1) Getting Ready: We all love getting ready for Christmas – from Christmas baking and decorations to singing carols and visiting family! But have you ever wondered why this time of advent, or getting ready, is so important? Let’s find out! 
    • (Ep. 2) God With Us: Have you ever made a promise? Join us for this episode as we investigate what the word ‘Immanuel’ means and hear the real-life tale of the best promise ever made and kept!
    • (Ep. 3)The Greatest Gift | In this episode, we discuss something we all love… PRESENTS! Along the way, we’ll find out what frankincense and myrrh are and discover what the absolute greatest Christmas gift is!

    Listen to The Salvation Army Children's Ministries' Family Time podcast here