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Innovation for everyday essentials in The Philippines: Southern Division's Women's Ministries Project

Posted October 21, 2020

Major Chris Ivers, Divisional Director of Women's Ministries in The Salvation Army's Southern Division, shares the innovative ways women have been fundraising for their Divisional Project with The Phillipines.

This year, the Southern Division has been busily working together to help out Salvationists in The Philippines. Major Chris tells us, 'In the Visayas Division, which is one of the three main island groups of The Philippines, the officers quarters there are in dire need of essential items and furnishings. So the Southern Division Corps have been fundraising - their ideas are quite innovative and have been embraced by Corps family throughout the Division.'

Sewing up a storm with sUndies

The Salvation Army Nelson-Tasman Bays are blessed to have a young mum named Sarah pioneering a new way to fundraise, using her passion for sewing. Her project is called 'sUndies', short for 'Salvation Undies'. Sarah expertly handmade all the sUnides underwear to order in a range of sizes, emblazoned with a pohutukawa flower pattern and 'Te Ope Whakaora', a translation of 'The Salvation Army' meaning 'The Army That Brings Life'.  SUndies has been very popular among the women across the Division!

Midwinter meals perfect for fundraising

The Salvation Army Queenstown held a mid-winter Christmas Dinner to raise money towards the project, as well as planning a puzzle night fundraiser event. The Salvation Army Linwood held its yearly fundraiser event at Winnie Bagoes restaurant, using a good ticketing idea: everyone pays $30, and $20 goes towards the meals. The other $10, plus any other donation they wish to give, goes towards the project. 

The Salvation Army Sydenham raised funds while empowering a young Salvationist named Abby McFarlane at their mid-winter women's lunch. Abby took the opportunity to share about her time in The Salvation Army's Rev Hi Hawaii youth program, inspiring women with her adventurous spirit. Major Chris Ivers hosted a presentation on The Philippines, sharing about her own time there and the challenges that the officers and their families live amongst.

Innovation and generous donations

Chris tells us that The Salvation Army Greymouth planned something creative to fundraise - selling kindling! Many Corps and groups have generated funds for The Philipines Project by using whatever innovative ideas they have on hand, from labour to Sales Tables at Home Leagues. Some Corps have taken koha/donations up at different events - The Salvation Army Oamaru is notable for donating a significant amount.

Chris concludes, 'Considering the year that has been, our women's ministries have really taken the words of Jesus to heart: 'Love God and love others!'

We agree, and thank the women and groups throughout the Division for taking up the challenge so readily. May God continue to amplify your efforts and bless the people of The Philippines with all they need.

Do you want your group to join in fundraising with your Division? Then contact your Divisional Director of Women's Ministries for more information or email Territorial Women's Ministries: