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Reimagining livestream launch: Catch the vision with us

Posted February 13, 2020

On Wednesday 12th 10:30 pm NZDT, The Salvation Army International Women's Ministries broadcast their much anticipated 'Reimagining' launch around the world. Watch it here!

We have highlighted some of the key aspects that will help shape our identity going forward, as ministers to women in The Salvation Army and the world.

'The breadth and reach of Women's Ministries is limited only by our vision, and our willingness to step out in faith to make a difference in the lives of women and girls today.’ - Commissioner Rosalie Peddle

The Salvation Army Women's Ministries Reimagining launch has been a year in the making. Women throughout The Salvation Army's five zones shaped the call to minister to women in the 21st century in a fresh way. This diversity was reflected in the countries that tuned-in to watch the live-streamed worship, vision and prayer.

The Salvation Army's World President of Women's Ministries' Commissioner Rosalie Peddle spoke about the birthplace of the 'Reimagining' theme, words in Isaiah 43:19 ‘See I am doing a new thing, now it springs up! Do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland’.

She says, 'It was out of the calling to see some of these new things that the word 'reimagining' became the defining point for Women’s Ministries. And so today, the purpose of this launch is to challenge all women leaders around The Salvation Army world; officers, solider and friends to 'reimagining' Women’s Ministries... to discover what new things we can be doing to speak into in overcoming the challenges that women and girls are facing today.'

Commissioner Marieke Venter, The Salvation Army Women's Ministries' Zonal Secretary for South Asia said ‘To me, the highlight is reimagining, the power of that word. It’s about knowing what we have and what we’ve had, but imagining again what could be, what can be, how we can be more relevant, how we can be more inclusive. I just feel like this is a fresh moment in history for us.’

'I just feel like this is a fresh moment in history for us.’

Women's Ministries Reimagining launch prayer

The following is a beautiful prayer that World Secretary for Women's Ministries' Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham prayed over the launch: 

'We thank you God for the victories won in the lives of women and girls over the last 155 years of The Salvation Army mission and ministry. And we pray that the efforts undertaken at your Holy Spirits leading in the days ahead will continue to bring life-transforming victories for women and girls all around our world. May we see more clearly the opportunities in front of us, and may we be bolder yet for your kingdom’s cause. For we trust in your promise to do immeasurably more than we can imagine, as your power works in and through us. And we seal our prayer in Jesus name.'

New Women's Ministries Vision statement

Commissioner Rosalie informs us that 'The international Salvation Army mission statement remains the foundation for all ministry undertaken. But this new vision statement gives direction and purpose to how this will be accomplished through the vehicle of women’s ministries.' Different members of The Salvation Army International Women's Ministries' Zonal team presented the following aspects of the vision statement.

'We envision women who are:

  • Transformed and empowered by the Gospel to lead a Christ-like life
  • Enriched mutually through local and global connections and support
  • Equipped to fulfil their potential through lifelong learning and development
  • Engaged in social justice and action to positively impact the world'

Each part of the vision had multiple inspirational descriptors that IHQ will make available, head over to our Facebook Page for the slides.

‘As disciples, we are called to express the Good News of Jesus Christ both in word and action. Therefore our desire is to be informed on social justice matters so that we can speak out on matters for those who do not have a voice. Living a life that demonstrates respect for God, other people and the environment, recognising the value of each individual regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age and language.’ - Commissioner Robyn Maxwell, Women's Ministries' Zonal Secretary for South Pacific East Asia

New Women's Ministries new logo unveiled

Check out the new logo here.

The new logo is 'to bring light, life and freedom of Spirit to all women around the world. Where thoughts, actions and morals are, as they always have been, concentrated on the Bible and its universal message. The five zones in which the Salvation Army ministers are identified by the five birds emerging from the sun and the world which are represented as one. These elements are designed to inspire women from every culture or background that at the dawning of each day, they are encouraged to unite as one voice and one body, where God's love is always at the very centre of their being and lived out in their communities and their relationships.'

New multi-purpose Bible Studies

The IHQ team announced five new bible study series will be released, suitable for all ages and sexes. 

'Time to be Holy' is now available for free use online. Time to be Holy is made up of 24 bible studies authored by 24 Salvationist women from around the world, ‘talking about living in and living out holiness’. The 'Let Justice Roll' study is due to be released in 2021 focusing on how to live justly in this world and with one another.

WM is running a cool offer: if you do use the Time to be Holy study this year, we'll send your group gold-foil scripture prints! Download the series, take a photo with your group, tag @salvationarmywm on Facebook or Instagram including the caption #ImIn, and we'll send you out a pack! (NZFTS Territory only, international WM leaders, PM us)

Reimagining ministry to women already happening

'I don’t want us to be confined by our celebrated history, or traditions, or any belief that women ministries must fit a specific format or look a certain way.'

World Secretary for Women's Ministries' Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham introduced videos that highlighted the 'dynamic ministries to women, for women, among women and delivered by women that are taking place around our Salvation Army world.' 

  • Financial investments: Kenya West Worth Program's Literacy and Micro-credit scheme showcased women who could now buy land, build houses, work and fund others because of the mentoring and money this women-led scheme has unleashed. Field officer Beatrice of Kapsabet Division says ‘Their life has changed.’
  • Fitness in faith community: Australia's Lauren Martin talks about her faith community beginning with a trail buddy wanting to know more about Jesus, but didn't want a church building. ‘That’s okay Michelle, we can do church right here’, Lauren replied and her group continues to grow. Lauren's ministry comes from knowing Jesus and ‘I want other people to live in freedom as well’. One of the women in her group told us 'I’m here for the friendship and the connection, and God is somehow more relatable’.
  • Human rights and computer literacy: The Salvation Army in Joinville works with immigrants and refugees and is a ‘program of defence and guarantee of civil rights’. Practical workshops include sewing, online and computer navigation and Portuguese classes. IT Technical Support Manager Anna says that learning to use computers helps women's job applications and prospects, so ‘women and men can be on the same level’.
  • Climate and environmental change agents: On July 2 2019, India Central territory developed a commitment to 'deeper relationship with the natural environment' by running women's climate-change themed empowerment workshops and 'saving the planet by planting trees'. The initiative was largely spearheaded by Salvation Army women and every district has participated. ‘Tree planting may be simple, and anyone can do it but that’s the plan, and it promotes community'.
  • A community for survivors of partner violence: TLC is a 'non-advice giving' community of women who journey with survivors who have left abusive partners, helping them navigate the systems necessary for them to leave and thrive. ‘It’s been a safe space, a warm welcome’ says one of the women, ‘TLC has become my family’.

New Women's Ministries social media platforms

Join them on Facebook: @SalvarmyWomen | Twitter: | Instagram:

Women's Ministries runner-up photo won by New Zealander

Aotearoa was represented at The Salvation Army International Women's Ministries Reimagining photo competition at public Gallery 101! Ingrid Goodwin Barratt, previously editor of The War Cry New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga & Samoa, took the photo depicting Captain Faye Molen of Salvation Army Manurewa plant and a member of her whānau.

Commissioner Rosalie was especially moved as she introduced the photo:

'This is a beautiful photo from New Zealand of the Māori people… [the hongi] is an expression there on their land, of their ancestors, this is the way they are expressing their love to each other.' 'The whole idea that we should be a generational people, that we should be able to pass on to our children our heritage, who we are, we need to be strong, wonderful people of God to do that. Our children need to have that kind of love, that expression, standing on the land, their heritage, and expressing their love to each other and this is the way the Māori people do that, and I’m grateful for this picture.'

To Rosalie, the picture summed up our renewed commitment to unveiling truth and wisdom through intergenerational investment in women and girls.

To The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory Women's Ministries, it touched on how we can also honour indigenous nations' understanding of connection and community in ministry going forward. We anticipate much exciting development as God ministers to women, so make sure to be part of our Facebook community, and have your say in casting the vision wider.

#Reimagining - what will you do?