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Forty to Freedom

We are using the period of Lent to transform the way we think, reflect and act upon our relationship with God. The Forty to Freedom resource is a simple, short series format - a scripture, two questions and a reflection and prayer to finish.

Over the course of forty days, we pray that these simple phrases and exercises will thoroughly strengthen your faith, increase your confidence in God and make you a great hope, because of the Lord you know.

Forty to Freedom

Our simple Lent resource Forty to Freedom is a series of forty short daily thoughts to help you connect with the Christian story and contemplation of Lent.

Printing Forty to Freedom: This is available to print, download or view on devices at the bottom of this page. (NB: When printing, print double sided and flip on short edge).

Facebook album for online access: Browse the Forty to Freedom Facebook Album here, share it on your own page to find it easily as you read it each day, or find it pinned to the top of our Salvation Army Women's Ministries Facebook Page.

Sample an excerpt: ''Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.' - Matthew 5:9

A peacemaker is different from a peace-keeper. Keepers of the peace avoid conflict and just seek to diffuse tension, even if it means unhealthy outcomes. Peace MAKERS advocate for reconciliation and change. Which are you? Think of a line you can use the next time you get in a conversation you are not comfortable with. Pray that Jesus will enable your tongue to move when on trial.

Father, give us the courage to cut away where needs cutting, and to heal where needs healing for the true life of the Body.' - Forty to Freedom, Day 36

Lent and spiritual life

Lent is a period of time that lasts 40 days (not including Sundays), observed by Christians as a time of rememberance, sobriety, fasting and repentance in the lead up to Easter. Lent commences Ash Wednesday–named for the practice of blessing ashes from the previous year's Palm Sunday–and concludes Holy Saturday, the day that Jesus laid in his tomb before the Resurrection. 

While organisationally The Salvation Army doesn't observe Lent in the fashion the wider Christian church does, Corps and individuals still uphold the reflective reverence Lent produces. Every Christian's hope is to connect deeply with God, to minister to God's church and to know Christ better. We join together with the Body of believers, in this time of holy contemplation, to do the same.

'I know not what He is about to do with me, but I have given myself entirely into His hands.' - Catherine Booth.

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