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How to host a Hannah Service

A Hannah Service is an experience you can host, to honour the losses and grieve the experiences of women with infertility, pregnancy loss, infant loss, and medical diagnoses that prevent pregnancy.

​We have a duty of care to our women.

With as many as one in four pregnancies ending in miscarriage and chronic illnesses or life circumstances preventing many women from ever becoming mothers - our women are hurting. We have the opportunity to provide a space through Hannah Services to honour the losses and grieve the experiences that these journeys bring.

The Salvation Army United States Central Women's Ministries have produced an incredibly useful resource on facilitating a Hannah Service where you are.

Hannah Service printable guide

Check out their Hannah Service guide for everything you will need to host a Hannah Service. Their guide includes:

  • A suggested Hannah Service run sheet
  • Scripture and liturgy reading created by a Salvationist
  • Ideas for preparing the room and seating
  • Resources for leader preparation
  • Visual aids and music

Click here to see the guide in English and Spanish. We have also included a booklet form at the bottom of the page, that you can print double-sided (flip on short edge). As part of the visual aids, the Hannah Service guide recommends our We Celebrate She Remembrance Cards, provided for download in the links below.

Hannah Service Join Us posters

Print any of the three Hannah Service invite posters below, inviting people to your Hannah Service. Enter the date and location of your Hannah Service on them using editing software. We have an image set up to fit your Powerpoint Slide. Ask to have it put in your notices, and take the opportunity to speak into this special space to your congregation or group to make them aware.

'What to say and what not to say' form

The team have also provided an interactive 'What to say and what not to say to someone experiencing infertility, pregnancy loss, infant loss, and medical diagnoses preventing pregnancies.'

If this applies to you as a contributor, please feel free to follow the link and have your say.

As a coordinator of a Hannah Service, this list provides helpful insight into your pastoral care.

Hannah Service A5 booklet

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Join our Hannah Service 1

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Join our Hannah Service 2

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Join our Hannah Service Landscape

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Hannah Image for Powerpoint

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