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Let's Just Love Each Other printable

In times of distress, joy, tragedy, trial and challenge, the words of Jesus remind us: Love God and love others. (Mark 12:30-31) Young Salvationist artist Cherise Holley has generously given us her 'Let us just love each other' artwork, freely available to print, to remind us of this.

'I pray that this will be a reminder, and a beacon of hope for you.'

In the wake of the tragedy in Christchurch, people around the globe are examining our hearts to see how we might better care for our community. The artwork of young Australian Salvationist, Cherise Holley, stands as a simple, beautiful reminder: 'Let us just love each other'. 

Cherise gave this beautiful offering to WM for whoever might need it, saying 'I pray that this will be a reminder, and a beacon of hope for you.'

Simply love

Cherise says 'This is possibly one of the simplest paintings I’ve ever done... possibly one of the simplest concepts I’ve ever painted from. Yet the most shockingly difficult thing, apparently.

Why do we find it so hard to just be peaceful and loving? We have had the most perfect and holy example of this, Jesus. He loved the Jew, the Gentile, the Beggar, the Prostitute, the Blind, the Possessed, the Samaritan, the Sinner... he showed no partiality to any one of them. So, having this perfect example of what loving truly is, how is it so hard to see that we just ought to love?'

Let us just love each other free printable

Print this freely as you remind the Body that we are to love one another. Bless your friends, whanau, workplace and church with this. A huge thanks to Cherise for her beautiful taonga (gift) to us each.


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Date: 21 Mar 2019