Prayer Squares: A Prayer for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (SDG #16) | Women

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Prayer Squares: A Prayer for Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (SDG #16)

Our Prayer Squares are a freely-printable resource to help you pray for women and girls, and the world, using the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as an engaging framework.

Access the Prayer Square printables, and more of the prayers, here!

The United Nations has set 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as 'an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership. They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.'

We believe that prayer is the biggest action a Christian can begin with. Will you join us in an urgent call for prayer, as we intercede for women and girls through each of the Sustainable Development Goals?

Prayer for Sustainable Development
Goal #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions | Find out more

Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

  • Trafficking, which tends to increase in crises, including conflict and post-conflict situations, puts women’s and girls’ rights in severe jeopardy. 3 in 4 human trafficking victims are women and girls.

'God, the fact that we can pray this publicly is already more freedom than some of our brothers and sisters are awarded. We see them and pray that Your presence be with them. We see them and pray that the freedom they have in spirit with You is a wave that extends in all they do.

We pray for communities who may not know You yet, but who’s suffering still hurts You. We pray that they be healed and whole. We pray for their leaders and ours alike, and for ourselves as leaders too. May our words bring peace, may our thoughts be tilted with grace, and our decisions be as merciful. Lord, when we are confused guide us.

When we see corruption, abuse, fear and violence within institutions made to protect Your people, give us the strength and grace to be the messengers of freedom and peace. When you ask us to step up may we do so fearlessly. In all the places you have released Your people to serve we ask that they may they be refreshed to carry out the task set before them. Give us communities to hold us accountable. Give us peers to lead and be led with integrity. May we be inclusive, loving and always work in humility to bring You glory. Forever and ever. Amen'

- Tiana Swan, The Salvation Army Upper Hutt