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Put That on Your Resume visual poem

We believe that God has created women and men in the image of God, to serve as partners in the Gospel with Jesus Christ. The Salvation Army Women's Ministries has produced a video that helps capture some of that rich character the women of the Bible bring to the world.

And we want you to see it and share it!

Poet Valerie Geer's words in 'Put That On Your Résumé' are brought to life by various people from The Salvation Army New Zealand, uncovering women of the Bible and the whakapapa of faith (a Māori word for family lineage) that our foremothers have passed on to us. 

Valerie is the executive director of the House of Ezer, a non-profit organization caring for female survivors of US domestic sex trafficking, and we thank her for her wisdom and prophetic gift in uncovering these stories by poetry. We believe God is speaking today and restoring all that has been lost, for his glory.

Put That On Your Résumé' was first featured here on Christians for Biblical Equality (CBE International). CBE 'advances the gospel by equipping Christians to use their God-given talents in leadership and service regardless of gender, ethnicity, or class.' We thank CBE for their generous work for the kingdom.

Put That On Your Résumé video

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If you have a Salvation Army email address, you can download the video from Google Drive here.

To request a copy for download, please contact our resource manager: Rosy.Keane@salvationarmy.org.nz

Put That On Your Résumé text

'We proclaim the message of the truth of the resurrection
In the tradition of Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Mary the mother of James
In Luke 24

We conduct business and pioneer churches
In the tradition of Lydia
In Acts 16

We instruct others thoroughly in the ways of God and risk our lives for the gospel
In the tradition of Priscilla
In Acts 18

We nobly preside as ministers of churches
In the tradition of Phoebe, diakonos of the church of Cenchrea
In Romans 16:1–2

We work hard on behalf of others
In the tradition of Mary, Tryphena, Tryphosa, and Persis
In Romans 16:6 and 12.

We exercise persistence to secure what our loved ones need
In the tradition of the Syrophoenician woman
In Matthew 15

We give sacrificially because we understand the big picture
In the tradition of the widow
In Luke 21

We perceive the significance of the times and honor Christ
In the tradition of the woman of Bethany
In Matthew 26

We minister and lead in our churches
In the tradition of Nympha and Chloe
In Colossians 4:15 and 1 Corinthians 1:11

We faithfully teach and shape ministers of the gospel
In the tradition of Lois and Eunice
In 2 Timothy 1:5

We evangelize our communities with sincerity and confidence
In the tradition of the Samaritan woman
In John 4

We suffer for and testify of Jesus, leaving the gospel as our legacy
In the tradition of the apostle Junia
In Romans 16

We abound with deeds of kindness and charity and work with our hands to bless others
In the tradition of Tabitha
In Acts 9:36–41

We descend from priests, tell forth Jesus as Messiah, and embody the favor of the Lord
In the tradition of Elizabeth
In Luke 1

We dedicate ourselves to God day and night and speak of him to all those who seek redemption
In the tradition of the prophet Anna
In Luke 2:36–38

We assert Jesus’ righteousness before public officials
In the tradition of Claudia Procula, Pilate’s wife
In Matthew 27:19–20

We fund ministries
In the tradition of the women
In Luke 8:2–3

We publicly glorify God and stand tall as heirs of our Father
In the tradition of the afflicted daughter of Abraham
In Luke 13:10–13

We exalt the Lord, declare our blessedness, and present Jesus as Messiah
In the tradition of Mary, the mother of Jesus
In Luke 1

. . . and you can put that on your résumé!'

Thanks to Caroline Wardle, David Wardle, Tiana Swan, Rosy Keane, Lieutenant Cass Henderson, Vivienne Hill, Emma Thompson, Sienna Thompson, Barb Hatton, Alexandra Millington, Tamsen Williams, Mac, Niven Patel, Ben Maxwell and Colonel Margaret Hay for their inspirational lives that make them candidates to speak the poetry in this video. We also thank Valerie for her generous taonga (gift) of these words.

Special thanks to The Salvation Army Creative Ministries Department's Jessica Keane, who produced this video.

And thanks be to God.

'Put That On Your Résumé' video