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We Celebrate She: Poem of Thankfulness by Linda White

This Mother's Day, we invite you to make room for thankfulness. Our We Celebrate She: Poem of Thankfulness is written by young artist Linda White, to outline the many ways women, mothers and mother-figures shape our lives with their holiness, wisdom and righteousness.

'She: selfless, humble, emerging

She taught us not to run away from the rain 
but to dance in it - it’s not hard to dry your feet 
and flowers need water to grow'

This Mother's Day, we make space for all the ways women have blessed us and sown into our lives. This beautiful poem is written by a young Salvationist Linda White, from The Salvation Army Johnsonville. Print, share on social media or read over yourself today!

We invite you to share the joy with women in your life on Facebook or Instagram, by reading through the poem and tagging women that the lines remind you of!

We Celebrate She

We Celebrate She is a Women's Ministries' initiative to help all people feel included and engaged on a day that traditionally may hold both grief and joy for our community. Read more about We Celebrate She and the resources here.

Remembrance Card: This card/picture acknowledges that Mother's Day is also an opportunity for all who carry hurt, loss and disappointment around mothers and important female figures. The Remembrance card gives us the opportunity to be surrounded by our community or given space to grieve. We allow space for pain. 'Remembrance for those you have loved, hoped for and lost. May God comfort you, in the manner of Hannah and Hagar, Esther, Anna, Sarah, Leah and Mary and Bathsheba. We remember with you.'

Remembrance Liturgy: This is a simple liturgy written to encompass mothers' experiences of grief, loss and trauma, as well as our own mourning within our relationships with mothers and mother-figures. Printable and free to use.

Thankfulness Card: This card/picture invites the reader to contemplate the women who have blessed our lives and invested in us, and we thank God for them! ''Thankfulness for those you love and have learned from. May God bless her legacy, in the manner of Mary Magdalene, Martha, Priscilla, Junia, Abigail, Huldah and Elizabeth. We rejoice with you.'

Thankfulness Poem: We have two Thankfulness poems - the one you're reading and our We Celebrate She: Poem of Thankfulness by Lieutenant Emma Howan. Emma wrote this beautfiul poem to express and explore the mother-heart nature of God, through the parallels of a midwife. The files are shareable on social media or available in a range of sizes to print. We encourage you to think of God in a fresh way this Mother's Day. 

Posted by Salvation Army Women's Ministries on Thursday, May 6, 2021

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