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Drenched in cream

A reflection on the good things of life.
Cream being poured
Posted December 3, 2012

Mmmm, cream!

Whoever has a sweet tooth will go boggly eyed at the sight of a dessert table – cream-topped pavlovas, cream-filled sponges, chocolate éclairs bursting with cream, brandy snaps bulging, and whipped cream on the side for the apple pie.

Not good for the waistline or the calorie count but deliciously yum for those special occasions! Cream was common place on dairy farmers’ tables until we heard so much about cholesterol and risks for the heart. Now it’s in the ‘treat’ category.

Cream is like the icing on the cake – not a necessity but definitely gives that little bit extra. When my husband and I lived in countries where there were few desserts, and only rare glimpses of cream we definitely felt impoverished! But our waistlines benefited.

Job longed for bygone days when he felt the Lord’s favour, days when he was in his prime, days when God’s intimate friendship blessed his house, days when ‘his path was drenched with cream’, when people sought his counsel and drank in his words. See Job 29.

Now he sat hapless, covered in boils, shunned by his own people, alone with his thoughts. He remembered back to happier days, reliving them in his mind. Such great days they were. Now a dark depression enveloped him. Would the sun ever shine again?

Perhaps you’re getting older, health issues mean ‘no’ to treats like cream. The fun and energy have been sapped from life. No strength is left, except to lament the former days when your paths were drenched with cream, and blessings abounded. 

Have hope. A new day will dawn. Your mourning will turn to joy.

By Coleen Marshall