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Fresh eyes to see you

Posted April 27, 2017

Easter has come and gone again this 2017 - and as usual it provided a time for reflecting on the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary for our sins.

But what if our reflection is a little... shallow?

All my adult life, I too have thought on the Lord and his sacrifice on the cross over Easter.

I have been thankful. I have marveled at the pilgrimages worldwide of faithful Christians. I have reflected over the Easter season on Christian plays and movies (it's always a great season to watch Passion of the Christ!). ‘Yes Easter, the crucifixion and the risen Saviour... yes I believe it!’ I've said!

‘Yes Easter, the crucifixion and the risen Saviour... yes I believe it!’ I've said!

And yet is only now that I realize my perception of it all may have been somewhat… shallow. A little ‘Ho hum’.

But this year was different.

A Christ for me

It wasn't an article I read or a devotion shared that made the difference this time. No - I have to give all the credit to God, who through the Holy Spirit revealed himself for me this Easter.

I saw so clearly the face of Jesus, bathed in sweat, tears and blood for me;

A crown of thorns cruelly jammed on his head for me.

I saw him on his journey to the cross, struggling under the weight of that heavy burden he had to carry; being jeered at, humiliated, spat at and abused for me. 

I saw him gaze down at those family members at the foot of the cross; the anguish on his face; the distress and the pain for me.

I saw the cruel spear thrust into his side, the nails in his hands and feet for me.

I heard him cry out to his Father in Heaven 'My God, why have you forsaken me?' - those heartfelt words - forsaken for me. 

His head bowed, his life gone, the skies blackened, and the crowd slowly ebbing away...

Yes, all this for me.

A great love for you

I rejoice that God took time to show me his majesty and reality.

Since then, I have had a new awareness in my heart, and a new respect and awe. I have been very humbled by this experience and felt ashamed I hadn't seen or felt this before.

All that Easter weekend I winced inside as I kept visualising Jesus on that cross, suffering for me. I marvel at the fact that God knows his children’s needs and longs to equip us in our lives.

And while I saw this very clearly for me, just as importantly... it is also for you.

A fresh hope for us

I encourage you each to spend time in his word and in prayer.

With so much death and violence on in the world media, video games and social media – we perhaps can become immune to God’s wonder. Today, dare to take a new look at the crucifixion. Be bold enough to take a fresh approach to Jesus and get ready for a new appreciation of his personal love for you. 

Jesus sacrificed it all for us so we could share in all his riches in glory and have eternal life.

As Christians, we accept him as our Saviour and ask his forgiveness for our sins - and this brings life long after the Easter season has ended - so let us be not ashamed to make our lives count for him!

I leave you with the words of an old hymn:

'God's love is wonderful

God's love is wonderful

Wonderful that he should give his son 

to die for me...

God's love is wonderful.'

Be proud. You are of royal blood and are daughters and sons of the KING.

Until next time, keep on rejoicing.


By Betty Thompson

WM Writer