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Mother's Day and Reconciliation

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Posted May 9, 2017

Welcome readers! I want to talk about Mother's Day - our mothers are to be honored, loved and admired for what they do. Some things only she can fix, only she can know - a mother's intuition is unequaled. But what about when your relationship isn't all as it should be?

The first mother of mankind was Eve, the mother of Cain. Imagine her love for her two boys! What heartache there must have been when one murdered the other, then was cast out of community! 

In the New Testament, we have Mary the mother of Jesus - who must have gone through so many emotions as she watched her son grow. Proverbs 1:8 tells us not to forsake our mother's teaching - and Luke 2:51 says Jesus listened to his father and mother, which Mary 'treasured this in her heart.'

What complicated and rewarding relationships we sometimes have between our mothers and children!

Just for a moment let us remind ourselves of some good memories we have of our Mother: a favourite food Mum made, funny sayings, wise words, special treats, kind actions, a very special memory. How about something you've done for your mother that gave her great joy?

Remembering my mother

I hope you won't mind if I share a few memories of my own Mum with you. I lost her to cancer 27 years ago… it only seems like yesterday and I still miss her like crazy.

She was a lover of Jesus.

She was a praying mother who worked hard. She was kind, loving, always read me stories and sewed me pretty dresses. She taught me to appreciate nature and God's handiwork in the night skies - the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

She loved her garden and we often used to go outside at night by torchlight to hunt snails that were eating her plants. She was a yummy cook, big pots of stew and tasty soups, and Sunday roasts - as a child I used to stand on a stool and watch her roll out her famous pastry to make her apple pies and large batches of super biscuits.

I am so grateful for her love and input into my life. So much of who I am today is due to this, and of course a loving God who saw fit to give me such a loving mother. I was so blessed that she prayed unceasingly for me, but have to say I did not always want to hear her 'wise words' (but thanks anyway Mum!).

Yes, mothers are to be cherished, all you wonderful women, their work is never done!

How is your relationship with your mother?

Not all relationships with mothers are positive. I know this is a bold question, but I ask this for a reason - how is your relationship with your mother? This time of year around Mother's Day can be hurtful to many people, because of unresolved offense and problems. This may be due to arguments, deep hurts, resentment and bitterness....things that are very painful and cut us deeply.

Two years ago while involved in prison ministry, I spoke to a group of men in prison about Father's Day, which as you can understand is a sensitive subject.

During the talk, a young man called out 'I hate my Father!' Afterwards, I had a brief moment to encourage him to rethink his part in this and perhaps even to make amends. I heard later, he had done this, rung his Dad, took his share of responsibility and made apologies for his part in the rift between them! His father broke down and said it was the best Father's Day, he had ever had! WOW!

Can you forgive and move forward?

You see sometimes we have to take the lead, and to be the bigger person. I am wondering - if you may not have a good relationship with your mother - for whatever reason this may have happened, could I encourage you this year to reach out by word, phone call, card or text and perhaps take the first step to healing the division between you? While mothers are precious, they are also human like us, and they can and do make mistakes and wrong choices like us!

And yet she carried you for 9 months inside her body and God’s breath gave you life... this is certainly a reason to rejoice!  

Will you pray and ask God for the right words and attitude to bring about your Mother's day miracle this year?

We have provided links below to some great resources that may help that journey of healing for you and your mother. The WM team and I will be praying earnestly for the ministry of reconciliation to fall upon you this Mother’s Day week. And to mothers reading this – be sensitive to the Spirit's leading, as it may even be you who needs to do the reaching out today.

God bless, and happy Mother’s Day to every woman who is a mother, physically, spiritually or emotionally to others. We honour you each today.


The following resources might provide useful tools to add to that prayer for reconciliation:

Conflict Resolution toolkit

Identify points of conflict and use tools to articulate and express the emotions resulting from this.

Samaritans Toll-free Helpline

This is a free phone service for anyone in distress, wanting a listening ear

Salvation Army Counseling Services

This service is available in specific centres and Corps of The Salvation Army. See site for details.

Salvation Army Corps/Centre

Consider locating a Salvation Army Corps or Centre on this easy to navigate map and ask for a Corps Officer (ordained minister) to talk to. We have both female and male officers.

Family Counselling Services with Skylight

This is external to Salvation Army but a helpful, trusted service by many if counselling isn't available in your region (Wellington and Auckland bases).

Ravi Zacharias videos and writing on forgiveness

Wonderful theological teaching on the benefits and commands entailed in forgiveness.