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The Shepherd and His Sheep - Part 7

Reflections on Psalm 23 and God the shepherd.
Posted March 11, 2013

The Lord is my Shepherd and I am His lamb.

Like sheep I can get distracted and find that I have strayed. I can get distracted a lot.

One day the Shepherd broke a small bone in my leg. It really hurt! I could not walk on my own. It seemed like a mean thing to do. How could a loving Shepherd do something like that? Well, the Shepherd did not abandon me to my enemies or to the elements. He picked me up, bound my broken bone and He carried me upon His shoulders – around His neck. I could see a lot from that view point.

Before I was on the Shepherd’s shoulders I only cared about looking at the grass around me or the quiet streams. I only saw other sheep and they too were busy at eating grass, drinking water, playing and sleeping. You know the things that help us produce wool. When my face was by the Shepherd’s face, my eyes were level with His and I could see, sky, mountains, trees, rocks and how wonderful and scary the world is…I gained a new perspective. I grew comfortable and secure in the Presence of the Shepherd.

I love the way He smells like sunshine or a gentle breeze. His scent is also like the smell of rain in the desert on a hot day. I love the sound of His voice. I learned to hear Him in a new way as the sound vibrated from the breath of His lungs and beyond His lips. Let the bone(s) which He broke remind me to rejoice in His Presence. Joy in His Presence is fullness of joy.

Psalm 51:8 “Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice.” (NIV)

By Commissioner Debi Bell