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A Simple Solo Service: Host church anywhere resource

Connecting to the Church from wherever you are, in uncertain seasons.

Are you unable to meet together for a Sunday morning meeting? Then use our 'A Simple Solo Service' to connect with God in an easy way, wherever you are! A Simple Solo Service is short, simple ideas for connecting with God, based around what Jesus says is most important: to love God, love others and love yourself.

With the recent news that The Salvation Army New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa will be suspending our Sunday services until further notice, it's an important time to remain spiritually connected and enriched, from wherever we are. We invite you into community with us, whether or not you are from The Salvation Army. Please be blessed with us as we pray together.

A Simple Solo Service: Love God, Love Others, Love Yourself

In our simple service, we focus on ideas around loving God, loving others and loving yourself. You'll notice we point readers to the Bible using the Lectionary, which is a list of three scriptures specific to each day of the year (one from Psalms, one Old Testament and one New Testament) that the church throughout the world has used for centuries. We've got options for both online and offline access, for those who might not have a device or want to remain undisturbed while worshipping. 


  1. Open A Simple Solo Service Facebook album, or click 'A Simple Solo Service Poster' PDF file at the bottom of this page.
  2. Open the online Lectionary and scroll to the day's date. It will take you straight to each scripture as you click them.
  3. If you like, use your device to navigate to a worship song in the 'Love God' session


  1. Download and print the appropriate A Simple Solo Service files below.
  2. Print out the Lectionary Booklet, or print only a portion of the Lectionary using the editable Word Document
  3. Have your Bible ready

Once you're ready, find a comfortable place, either alone or with people who are with you, and get in the head-space to encounter God. Follow the instructions and see where this time of being church differently takes you. These are merely prompts - if you have a new idea, or want to read poetry or paint, or sing more songs... go as the Spirit leads! We want you to be free to connect with God in a new way in this season of encounter. This is only the beginning.

Don't worry if you don't have access to the Lectionary mentioned or can't print. Why not pick your own Psalm, Old Testament and New Testament scripture? Or, feel free to go as the Spirit leads to any scripture in the Bible. We invite you to use A Simple Solo Service in whatever way is helpful to connect with God, and please do let us know how God speaks to you by commenting on A Simple Solo Service Facebook album post!

Options for printing A Simple Solo Service

We have a variety of options to suit your needs below - click on each file to preview it first, to see if it's what you're after.

  • Solo Service A4 Posters: Download the file below named 'A Simple Solo Service Posters' and print these out. We also have the option with the Red Shield on every single page.
  • Solo Service Cards Singles (best for groups 8+ people): Download the file, and you will have eight copies of each card per A4 page. Print double-sided, flip on short edge so you can have the instructions on the back. This is easiest to print and cut.
  • Solo Service Cards Doubles (if needing less than 8 sets): Download the file with two sets of each card per page. Print double-sided, flip on short edge.
  • Solo Service Cards One Sheet: If you want a copy of the cards quick and fast, these are printed single-sided on a sheet of A4. Good for small groups and discussion groups, or someone using by themselves.

Options for printing the Lectionary

If you're handing the service to others or participating in A Simple Solo Service offline, you can print the Lectionary Booklet to hand out/use with the A Simple Solo Service cards. This is a single A4-page, double-sided, containing the rest of the year's Lectionary readings. Print double-sided, flip on short edge.

You can also use the editable Lectionary Word Doc to customise what you want to be printed. If you want to add the scripture references for a week to social media, only print a month's scripture for your members or take what you like for a newsletter etc., this is what you're after.

Suggestions? Feedback? Got an idea or need help? Email our Resource Specialist Rosy.Keane@salvationarmy.org.nz

A Simple Solo Service Poster

Type: PDF
Size: 124.68 KB
Date: 21 Mar 2020

A Simple Solo Service Posters Red Shield

Type: PDF
Size: 160.29 KB
Date: 21 Mar 2020

Solo Service Cards A4 Singles

Type: PDF
Size: 671.4 KB
Date: 21 Mar 2020

Solo Service Cards A4 Doubles

Type: PDF
Size: 186.05 KB
Date: 21 Mar 2020

Solo Service Cards One Sheet

Type: PDF
Size: 97.98 KB
Date: 21 Mar 2020

Lectionary 2020 Booklet

Type: PDF
Size: 58.51 KB
Date: 21 Mar 2020

Editable Lectionary File

Type: DOCX
Size: 39.74 KB
Date: 21 Mar 2020