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Together We... De-stash? Crafty fundraising by The Salvation Army Waihi

Our Together We Build fundraising is getting more and more creative! Check out The Salvatiton Army Waihi Corps' innovation!
Posted November 14, 2019

Together We Build is The Salvation Army Women's Ministries' project to rebuild three officers' homes destroyed in the Indonesian earthquake in 2018. 

Major Wendy Sanson of The Salvation Army Waihi Corps tells us what her creative crew have pulled off with their 'Craft De-Stash' fundraising idea for Together We Build.

Together we build. 

And in Waihi? Together we craft!

The Salvation Army Waihi Corps wanted to do something to give toward the Salvation Army Women's Ministries' Together We Build project, to help reach the fundraising aim of $44,500 for the three officers' homes in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Creative fundraising with a 'Craft De-Stash Market'

Tina Wright is our craft group leader at The Salvation Army Waihi Corps, and she had a great idea for a 'Craft De-Stash Market' as a fundraiser.

Creatives and crafters were invited to sell their personal craft overstock, and the whole district was invited to shop. Our local community rented table space, from small to large, for their De-Stash craft market products. Tina and our Social Media and Event Planner guru Louise made the event happen, and it was a great day. Two of our men added to the fundraising by making and selling lovely Devonshire scones and tea in the kitchen. We were blessed also to have several paintings donated from a local artist, to add to our fundraising efforts.

A crafting community invitation

Our Craft De-Stash Market had happy crafters coming from far and wide, looking for bargains and meeting like-minded souls. We extended invitations to be part of The Salvation Army Waihi Corps Craft Group, and some of our customers accepted. The social media coverage and our Facebook Event increased our local presence and was very well received. Some of our most avid customers were queueing before opening time, and we had so many queries about when we would do this again!

One Craft De-Stash stall holder had intended on buying hubby takeaways for tea with her takings – but after her success, they ended up going out for dinner instead! We raised hundreds of dollars for the Together We Build project and we all had a great day.

We're all looking forward to the next De-stash instalment in 2020.

Together We Build Women's Ministries' Project

The Salvation Army Women's Ministries has invited the entire New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory to join us in raising $44,500 to rebuild three officers' homes destroyed in the Central Sulawesi earthquake last year. You can read more about the testimonies of those involved, find resources for fundraising and the creative ways that Corps and groups have been fundraising on the Together We Build Page. 

The Salvation Army Women's Ministries' team would like to thank every person who has contributed, fundraised and innovated to help us reach our goal, so together we build hope for our Salvationist friends in The Salvation Army Indonesia Territory.